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Prokofiev: Romeo & Juliet (Blu-ray) в Бегуницы

Prokofiev: Romeo & Juliet (Blu-ray) в Бегуницы +Увеличить фото

Prokofiev: Romeo & Juliet (Blu-ray)
Цена: 2217 руб.   ✚ В корзину
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    • Кодировка: PAL
    • Формат изображения: ДаНет8Нетi High Definition Да6:9
    • Количество слоев: BD-5Нет (2 слоя)
    • Упаковка: Keep case
    • Получатель подарка: Мама и бабушка, Любимая, Коллега (ж), Родные и Друзья (м), Родные и Друзья (ж), Коллега (м), Папа и дедушка
  • Описание: Clement Crisp Today, when Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet h so popular in the theatre, it is curious to recall how comparatively little known were the ballet and its music in the 1950s. The first Russian staging was made by Leonid Lavrovsky at the Kirov Theatre, Leningrad, in 1940, five years after Prokofiev had completed the score. It was in 1956, when the Moscow Bolshoj Ballet arrived in London for Soviet ballet's ground-breaking first visit to the West that die emotional force of this production was seen, and profoundly affected our audiences. On 3 October in that year, the curtains of the Royal Opera House. Govern Garden, rose to reveal the motionless triptych of Romeo, Friar Laurence and Juliet (who was Galina Ulanova, Moscow's divinity). Even now, the sensation caused by that evening lingers on We were bowled over by the power of Muscovite dancing, by the radiance of Ulanova's presence, by the Torre of Prokofiev's score. Ironically, in the previous pear Frederick Ashton, The...


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